After careful consideration, under all the circumstances given, we have decided the best way to handle payouts and those of you wanting to empty your lockers is going to happen as follows- 

We will Open Saturday March 21st, 2020 4PM-9pm. •Those of you wanting to empty your lockers may do so 4pm-9pm.

• You may come through drive thru to collect your payout.•Only ONE member of your team needs to pick up. (We will not be giving individual payouts)

•That (1)team member will sign and receive all payouts for his/her team. 

Carryout Orders May Be Placed From 4pm-9pm as well on 03/21/2020. All orders must be picked up through the Drive-Thru. Call (937)-968-3151 To place 1 final order!!! 

•QOH WILL CARRY OVER UNTIL WE REOPEN IN SEPTEMBER! $8,333.00 Thank you all who bowled and ate with us this season!!